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The following PDF document is the Guidelines for Prophylaxis for RSV Infections in High-Risk Infants in Hawaii which is developed by the Consensus Committee, which is comprised of neonatologists, pediatricians, hospitalists, pediatric intensivists, pediatric specialists, and insurance representatives from various hospital and medical groups on Oahu and the neighbor islands every year prior to the RSV season.


This committee also welcomes comments from community pediatricians and other healthcare providers regarding RSV infections in their practices and the impact of these guidelines. Communication with the Committee may be directed to any Committee member listed in the RSV Guidelines document. This feedback is important since these guidelines are evolving with significant changes made regarding duration of treatment, especially towards the end of the season.



Synagis Clinic Update 2018

Guidelines For Prophylaxis For RSV Infections 2018-2019

Guidelines For Prophylaxis For RSV Infections 2017