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HAAP is actively examining the needs of the children we treat as well as the needs of the pediatricians in our community. We have sought to establish dialogue and credibility with those that set health care policy.

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Mandatory Reporting for Children Who are Suspected of Being Victims of Sex and/or Labor Trafficking

From The Honorable Karen M. Radius, Family Court of the First Circuit

Aloha: I am the co-chair of the CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) Steering Committee. Our Committee is composed of representatives of Family Court, the Department of Human Services, Department of Health, Department of Education , Office of Youth Services, law enforcement, the Attorney Generals office, and Prosecutors office. We have been meeting to get a better understanding of sex trafficking of children so that we can create a more seamless and early identification of these children, create better and more effective services for them and their families.

As you may know the Hawaii State legislature passed a law last session (2017) requiring all mandated reporters to report cases of suspected sex trafficking of those under 18 to the Department of Human Services and/or the police. DHS has established a new hotline specializing in screening these calls and referrals to the Trafficking Victims Assistance Program at Susannah Wesley. DHS intends to update their website and to run a series of free trainings for mandated reporters.

Attached is a memo from the Department of Human Services with the new hotline call line and fax line. Pediatricians may be interested in this as mandated reporters..They do not have to provide conclusive proof that the child is trafficked but information on what leads them to believe the child may be trafficked.

Karen M. Radius

CAN & Human-Sex Trafficking Rptng Hot Line – Jan. 2018 << Download